Identity Secure

Identity Secure

You've worked hard to rebuild your credit rating, now let us help you protect it.

As a member of Identity Secure, you can rest assured that we’re helping to protect you and your Credit Rating from criminals who want to steal your identity. You also have the comfort of knowing exactly what's on your Credit Report and that you'll be alerted to any significant changes. Identity Secure costs £6.99 per month including VAT.

Protection for you and your Credit Profile with these great features

Identity Theft Alert

Identity Theft Alert Service

Register your bank and credit cards, passport and driving licence, and we'll scan the internet daily to let you know if your data is publicly available online. If we find a combination of your data online, we'll alert you either by email or text message and you can then take the appropriate steps to ensure you safeguard your data.

Credit Profile Alerts

Credit Profile Alerts

We’ll keep an eye on your TransUnion Credit Profile all day, every day. If significant changes occur, we'll let you know so you can check that the change is genuine. Each month, if there are no significant changes, we'll send you an email or text message confirming this.

TransUnion Credit Report

Access to your Credit Report

Using information provided by TransUnion our easy-to-read report allows you to take control of your Credit Profile. You see the same information that lenders use when deciding whether to give you credit or not. As it details all the accounts open in your name together with the balances, it also lets you see if anything - such as fraudulent activity - is affecting your profile.

Customer Support Centre

Identity Secure Customer Support Centre

Our UK based, friendly team of experts, provide practical guidance on how you can avoid becoming a victim of all types of identity crime.
Should you be impacted by fraudulent activity, a fraud advisor will help you through the process of restoring your identity and financial records.
If you spot any errors, just let us know and we will help you through the steps to get things rectified.

Online Protection Software

Online Protection Software

Our downloadable software for your Windows PCs and Laptops, helps to protect your identity by preventing you from entering your personal or payment details onto fraudulent sites and by scrambling all your key-strokes to prevent your information being captured by malicious viruses that may be attached to your computer.

You'll also have access to our ID MobileProtect App for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, which if used in place of your existing browser, offers you a safe and secure environment in order to protect your personal data on up to 3 mobile phones and/or tablets.

Personalised ID Theft Risk Assessment

Personalised ID Theft Risk Assessment

Our easy-to-use online tool helps you assess your potential vulnerability to Identity Theft and suggests ways you could reduce the threat.

You'll also benefit from:

Cifas Protective Registration puts you in control if your details are lost or stolen

If you’re at risk of identity theft or identity fraud - for example, if you’ve had your passport or driving licence stolen, we can register your details with Cifas, the UK’s fraud prevention service. It means you have the peace of mind knowing that lenders will ask for additional security information when any credit applications are being made in your name.