Credit Tracker

Credit Tracker

We know building a good Credit Rating is important, let us help you track your journey to better credit.

Your membership to Credit Tracker can help you to keep track and manage your Credit Profile from TransUnion. We keep you up to date by sending you alerts for significant changes on your Credit Profile, so you can see how your credit activity affects you. Credit Tracker costs £6.99 a month, including VAT.

Access to your Credit Report, Rating and Score to help you track your journey to better credit.

Identity Theft Alert

Your Credit Report, Score and Rating from TransUnion

View your TransUnion Credit Report and Credit Score produced by TransUnion, which gives you an indication of how prospective lenders may view you. You’ll also be able to see how you compare to the rest of the UK credit active population with your Credit Rating from TransUnion.

Credit Profile Alerts

Credit Alert Service

We continually monitor your Credit Profile from TransUnion, if there is a significant change on your Credit Profile, we’ll send you an alert. If there’s no activity during the month, we’ll send you a ‘no hit’ alert for your piece of mind.

Personalised credit guidance and insight

Credit Assessment

Answer this multiple choice questionnaire and receive personalised tips on the things you may be able to do to improve your Credit Score.

Quarterly summary

Quarterly Summary

We’ll let you know when your summary is available, you can then log in to your online account and check out your Credit Scores for the last three months so you can see how it’s changed over time. It also includes your current Credit Score together with guidance on how you may be able to improve it.

Customer Support Centre

Credit Tracker Customer Support Centre

Call our UK based Team of Experts if you would like to go through your Credit Report or if you would prefer to take your Credit Assessment over the phone. We can provide you with tips on the things you could do to help improve your credit score as well as answer other questions you may have about your Credit Tracker membership.

You'll also benefit from:

Extra protection if you need it

If you're at high risk of identity theft and / or fraud, we can arrange for you to be registered with Cifas, the UK's fraud protection agency.

If something’s wrong on your Credit Report, we can give you guidance on the steps you take you can take which may help to correct errors. This may help to improve your Credit Profile and Score.